Ran-Geon (Random Dungeon) is only available after a certain point in the game. this is sorta similiar to Disgaea's Item World but doing this won't level spacific things up, This is mainly for achieving trophies, level build, and item hording to the players heart's desire all at the risk of failing to complete or find an exit.

In order to clear each floor the player has to find a gateway to take them to the next floor, everytime the player enters a gate they'll be introduced to a roulette like mini game that will decide their fate wether it's gonna be the same with easier item and rare title drops or they can become doomed (only for those who are under level 50) for if that "Monster LV" number breaches the 100 point.

Players will also encounter Darkness gates that'll take them to a floor full of powerful enemies and it's a small chance to come by it if it's a Baby-Geon.

Gates Edit

Transit: A peacful gate that recovers MP when gone through

Transit Gate

Transit Gate screen

Growth: Their's a chance of an effect such as enemy level double increased, 20 EXP, or a random gate level up

Growth Gate

Growth Gate screen with an example effect

Change: This gate will change into a random gate and continue from there

Angel: This gate gives you high item and rare title drop rates and will recover HP, MP, Reviving fallen allies, and Durability restoration

Angel Gate

Angel Gate screen

Devil: Gives high Monster LV and takes Drop Rate's

  • Rare chance of turning into an Angel gate
  • Very Rare chance of turning into a Fortify Gate
Devil Gate

Devil Gate screen

Fortify:Allows you to Fortify equipment you found, if failed you lose all equipment and monsters are fortified

Legasista screenshot-54

Fortify Gate screen

Hell: Decreases item and rare title rates, increases monster Lv

  • Rare chance of turning into an Angel gate
  • Very Rare chance of turning into a Fortify Gate
Hell Gate

Hell Gate screen


This special gate allows you to skip floors (comes in handy when you wanna pass up a boss room)
Warp Gate

Warp Gate screen

Darkness: This gate takes you to a bad place

Darkness Gate

Darkness Gate screen

Rule: This can favor and hurt you either by giving you unlimited this or presetting gates or even rigging the dungeon to have gates and exits set up

Forgotten: This gate will allow you to recover a lost item you failed to get last time you explored this dungeon

Forgotten Gate

Forgotten Gate screen

Types of Dungeons Edit

Baby: This Dungeon only has 30 floors and low level enemies. Perfect for beginners

Ran: This Dungeon has a whopping 100 floors and enemies are at normal levels. Good for those who enjoy a challenge

Hard: This Dungeon has 100 floors as well but enemies are much harder. For Experts

Devil: This Dungeon has 100 floors too but you start on the Dark Floors from F1-? You gotta be insane to do this