Job Changing is possibly one of the best ways to gain great stats for one person at level 1(Any).

Maximizing to a War Mage

Both Pyro and Cryo jobs have two job properties that allow the players MP to increase greatly so remember the following when your playing

  • focus on the MP increasing properties for both
  • Pyro and Cryo jobs have intersecting properties that apply to both
  • Once you leveled the "Only" properties to Lv5 focus on the "Any" properties
  • level up the following (Pyro, Cryo, Warrior, War Mage)

doing the following should allow any character to become ultimate. If you lack creation skills then focus this goal on Leina and Mimily considering they're your Cryo and Pyro. Me I'm currently focused on leveling up Mimily cause she had high MP to begin with, plus with the add ons i have on her now her MP is roughly reads MP:1375 without any Alice stones, pebbles, etc.

Maximizing to a Warrior/Explorer/Theif

Most jobs have "Any" Properties that allow a boost in ATK and DEF such as the Warrior and Explorer, even then if you want ATK and SPD go with Explorer and Theif. So if you want you can do the following to become fast and strong.

  • Maximize all "Any" properties on any of the three jobs
  • Focus on Leveling up the Theif last since it has the lowest ATK
  • Once finished go to the Warrior job and focus on the "Only" properties

After all of this is done you should beable to tackle a Hard-Geon at Lv50-80 depending on your equipment and what energy frame you use

The ultimate

Take both of the other sections and combine them. Your end resualts should or might look like the following below May look different on your end but this is just a rough estimation, plus your JP carries over from job to job

Job Level
Warrior 60
Explorer 68
Cryo 80
Pyro 80
Theif 55
War Mage 78