Legasista Volks

Volks Baid

Volks snuck his way into the Ivy Tower, claiming he's on a journey for great justice, but that's contradicted by the fact that he's no more than a common thief that steals whatever he'd like. Not quite the combatant, his specialty lies in fleeing and trying to talk his way out of any confrontation. He considers Alto as the arch nemesis to his story, barring his path of righteousness, but never makes it clear why as he had already fled the scene.


Character Traits

Name Level Effect
Fast Runner 3 +90 SPD
Weak Constitution 1 -10% to all HP bars. +10% to EXP obtained.

Starting Job: Thief, Level 42

Starting Energy Frame: Tao of Steal'n

Starting Equipment: Jambiya(Dagger), Battle Denim, Tiptoeing (Thief Skill)